Featured Acts

Steady rotation of acts and artists, but some of our house favorites come back time and time again! Below are some of the characters you can expect to see on a regular basis here at 50 Mason Social House.



Moonlighting SF – A Variety Show With A Happy Ending!

Moonlighting SF is an outrageous, live variety show celebrating the spirit of San Francisco art and culture.  Hosted by Sean Keane, and with DJ JOill on the tables, Moonlighting SF is bringing back the funny and feel-good variety show while adding a twist of modern edge, wit, and, glamour.  Join us for a hilarious and uplifting night out!

Bert Comedy Show For 50 Mason April

Bert Devitri’s Sexy Comedy Show:

You want some hot comic after comic action?… yeah you do… Do you like your comics to put out… jokes? Mmmm… sounds hot… Do you like it so hard you cant take it anymore… from laughter? YES YES YES you do! Then sexy comedy night is for you! Join us for the return of our house comedy Troupe, led by Bay Area funnyman Bert Devitri.



SF BarProv:

Come have a beer, a glass of wine, and a glass of beer as you laugh and cry with the beautiful and talented members of Narcissists Anonymous!

Bring tissues, since these guys are spicy and are guaranteed to clear your sinuses.

Bring TP, since these guys are healthy and are guaranteed to clear your bowels.

Bring cash, since these guys are sexy and are guaranteed to make you want to stick 1s in their thongs.
Goes until Midnight!

See you there!


DiatribeDiatribe Art Show:

Smoke signals are the oldest form of communication. Come celebrate this age old tradition on the eve of the smokiest day in San Francisco.
Art will be curated and produced by DIATRIBE
Sliding scale donations will be accepted at the door, we will be asking for $5.